Where to Find Us:

10862 Fite Hauck Rd
Sardinia, OH 45171

Phone: (937) 446-WINE (9463)




Tasting Room Hours

INDIAN SPRING WINERY LLC is open for business during the following hours:

        May 14-October 31
Friday:  5:00pm-10:00pm

Saturday: 2:00pm-10:00pm

Monday-Thursday:  Call ahead

(937) 446-WINE (9463)

     November- Mother's Day

*Winter hours: Saturday 5:00-10:00

Thank you to everyone who came out for Rock the Vineyard 2019!  Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel in 2020 due to the pandemic.  We are happy to announce that Rock the Vineyard will be back this year!  ROCK THE VINEYARD 2021 will be held on June 5.  More details will be posted soon!

Our Wines



White Wines

Arrowhead White A semi-dry white wine made from estate Catawba grapes. Crisp wine with floral and citrus notes. Glass: $.00 Bottle: $12.00


Renegade An Indian Spring Exclusive! This refreshing white wine is aged in KY bourbon barrels. Semi-dry with notes of vanilla and oak. Glass: $6.00 Bottle: $14.95


Kamali (Burgandy cap) Semi-sweet white wine made from Niagara grapes. This wine has a very fruit forward flavor with a crisp finish. Glass: $5.00 Bottle: $12.00


Kamali (Gold cap) A sweet, fruity version of our Niagara wine. Glass: $5.00 Bottle: $12.00


Kamali (HOT). Sweet Niagara wine with jalapeno added for a spicy (yet not overpowering) kick.  Glass:  $5.00. Bottle:  $12.00



Red Wines


Arrowhead Red (Burgandy cap) A medium bodied dry red wine made from Chambourcin grapes. Glass: $5.00 Bottle: $12.00


Weekend Warrior (Burgandy cap) Another Indian Spring exclusive, this deep red wine is aged in KY bourbon barrels. Subtle flavors of vanilla and spice linger with the finish. Glass: $6.00 Bottle: $14.95


Taquana Black cap:  Semi-dry Concord  wine aged in a bourbon barrel.  Glass: $6.00  Bottle: $14.95 


Weekend Warrior (Gold cap) A semi-sweet, KY bourbon barrel aged red wine. Glass: $6.00 Bottle: $14.95


Taquana (Gold cap)  A sweet red wine made from Concord grapes. Tastes like fresh picked fruit in a bottle!

 Glass: $5.00  Bottle: $10.00


Blackfoot Blush  A vibrant sweet blush with notes of honeysuckle and strawberry.  Glass:  $5.00. Bottle:  $12.00



Fruit Wines

 Blackberry   This sweet fruity wine is made with 100% blackberries.  (no artificial flavors)  Glass:  $6.00  Bottle:  $14.95


 Strawberry  True strawberry flavor from our estate grown fruit.  Absolutely no artificial flavors added to this refreshing sweet wine!  Glass: $6.00  Bottle:  $14.95


Apple.   This is an apple wine unlike any other.  Aged in a bourbon barrel, this fruit wine takes on the characteristics of a fine bourbon with a crisp apple finish.  (semi-dry). Glass:  $6.00. Bottle:  $14.95


Specialty Wines


Koona  (Translation:  Ice). This refreshing wine is made from 100% locally grown mint. Glass:  $6.00. Bottle:  $14.95


Machawte  (Translation:  Fire). Although this jalapeno wine was originally made for cooking, it has become very popular in Bloody Marys or added to sweet wines to give them as added kick.  Sold in a 375ml bottle.  Glass:  $5.00.  Bottle:  $10.00


Sangria. (Red, White, Pink). A refreshing combination of wine and fresh fruit juices  carafe:  $12.00

Seasonal wine cocktails (selection changes monthly). Wine cocktails made with wine and fruit puree'. carafe:  $12.00

Selections include strawberry guannabana, mango-mint, watermelon, passion fruit





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