Our Wines



White Wines

Arrowhead White A semi-dry white wine made from Catawba grapes. Crisp wine with floral and citrus notes. Glass: $5.36 Bottle: $14.00


Renegade An Indian Spring Exclusive! This refreshing white wine is aged in KY bourbon barrels. Semi-dry with notes of vanilla and oak. Glass: $6.44 Bottle: $16.50


Kamali (Burgandy cap) Semi-sweet white wine made from Niagara grapes. This wine has a very fruit forward flavor with a crisp finish. Glass: $5.37 Bottle: $14.00


Kamali (Gold cap) A sweet, fruity version of our Niagara wine. Glass: $5.37 Bottle: $14.00


Kamali (HOT). Sweet Niagara wine with jalapeno added for a spicy (yet not overpowering) kick.  Glass:  $5.37  Bottle:  $14.00



Red Wines


Arrowhead Red (Burgandy cap) A medium bodied dry red wine made from Chambourcin grapes. Glass: $5.37 Bottle: $14.00


Weekend Warrior (Burgandy cap) Another Indian Spring exclusive, this deep red wine is aged in KY bourbon barrels. Subtle flavors of vanilla and spice linger with the finish. Glass: $6.44 Bottle: $16.50


Taquana Black cap:  Semi-dry Concord  wine aged in a bourbon barrel.  Glass: $6.44 Bottle: $16.50 


Weekend Warrior (Gold cap) A semi-sweet, KY bourbon barrel aged red wine. Glass: $6.44 Bottle: $16.50


Taquana (Gold cap)  A sweet red wine made from Concord grapes. Tastes like fresh picked fruit in a bottle!

 Glass: $5.36  Bottle: $14.00


Blackfoot Blush  A vibrant sweet blush with notes of honeysuckle and strawberry.  Glass:  $5.36. Bottle:  $14.00



Fruit Wines

 Blackberry   This sweet fruity wine is made with 100% blackberries.  (no artificial flavors)  Glass:  $6.44  Bottle:  $14.00


Apple.   This is an apple wine unlike any other.  Aged in a bourbon barrel, this fruit wine takes on the characteristics of a fine bourbon with a crisp apple finish.  (semi-dry). Glass:  $6.44. Bottle:  $16.50


Specialty Wines


Koona  (Translation:  Ice). This refreshing wine is made from 100% locally grown mint. Glass:  $6.00. Bottle:  $14.00


Machawte  (Translation:  Fire). Although this jalapeno wine was originally made for cooking, it has become very popular in Bloody Marys or added to sweet wines to give them as added kick.  Sold in a 375ml bottle.  Glass:  $5.36.  Bottle:  $10.74


Sangria. (Red, White, Pink). A refreshing combination of wine and fresh fruit juices  carafe:  $14.00

Seasonal wine cocktails (selection changes monthly). Wine cocktails made with wine and fruit puree'. carafe:  $14.00

Selections include strawberry guannabana, mango-mint, watermelon, passion fruit





Where to Find Us:

10862 Fite Hauck Rd
Sardinia, OH 45171

Phone: (937) 446-WINE (9463)

Email: indianspringwinery@gmail.com



Tasting Room Hours

INDIAN SPRING WINERY LLC is open for business during the following hours:

        May -October 
Friday:  4:00pm-10:00pm

Saturday: 2:00pm-10:00pm

Monday-Thursday:  Call ahead

(937) 446-WINE (9463)

     November- Mother's Day

*Winter hours: 

Thursday:  5:00-9:00

Friday:  5:00-10:00

Rock the Vineyard 2024 was held Saturday, June 1.  Thanks to the generosity of our artists, musicians, and community we were able to raise over $6,000.00 for The Creighton Foundation!  RTV 2025 will be held Saturday, June 7 2025.

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